Červený Jelen


Welcome to Červený Jelen (The Red Stag), modern oasis of togetherness

It used to be a Baroque palace with a beautiful garden, a small oasis full of life in the center of Prague. But then, the oasis was locked into the strong room of the Anglo-Czechoslovak Bank. Other banks, hotels, offices, department stores grew up in the area. Walking speeded up, cars and mobile phones came.

Togetherness, a relaxed way of spending life, enjoying of great food, perfect beer and hospitality. It´s suddenly a new luxury.

Therefore the winged red stag as a symbol of the return of calm life to the center of Prague. Therefore the timeless interior, designed by a team of architect Ing. Stanislav Fiala, with a lot of cubist details that followed up on the work done by Ing. Josef Gočár.

Therefore great innovative meals prepared by the team of Marek Fichtner from ingredients that you´ve been known very well for a long time.

Therefore the connection with the Pilsner beer as a reference to the iconic Czech beer culture.

Therefore a tribute to the force and the power paid by paintings of Patrik Hábl and to the Count František Antonín Špork, the founder of the St Hubert´s hunting order and the patron of the Czech art.

Don´t hurry.
Enjoy your time and the daily luxury of togetherness, food, beer and hospitality.


Czechs like travelling and discovering the world. That´s why we did not want to lock up ourselves only into Czech only menu concept. We wanted to take the known ingrediences and transform them into exciting, fresh, tasty and greatly looking meals. The menu is composed by Marek Fichtner, top Czech chef, in cooperation with Patrik Jaroš, German Michelin star chef and member of the Paul Bocuse academy.

Menu is slightly altered for two spaces: The Bank and The Vault.

At all floors do not miss to try the desserts from our fantastic pastry-chef KLARA REZNICKOVA.

Book a place in real time exactly as you wish.

Červený Jelen (The Red Stag) is spreading over three floors, but we have made an effort so the guest feels in the vortex of events in every place of the restaurant and overlooks the open kitchen and his bartender.

We look forward to your visit.

Restaurace Červený jelen
Hybernská 1034/5
Nové město
110 00 Praha 1
+420 735 123 647 cervenyjelen@cervenyjelen.cz
11:30 - 00:00
11:30 - 00:00
11:30 - 00:00
11:30 - 00:00
11:30 - 00:00
12:00 - 00:00
12:00 - 22:00

HOSPODSKA Špork s.r.o.
Hybernská 1034/5, 110 00 Praha 1
IČO: 07525982

Odpovědný vedoucí:
Radek Tureček

Executive chef:
Marek Fichtner

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